Curriculum Vitae

Oikonomou Akis - Direct Manager



After 27 years in the safeties of life, I decided to deal at the same time also with the Management and It develops the Motionless Fortune. I deal also with the motionless fortune was a new challenge for [mena], a other expedient, again to my fellowmen. Of course, despite my a lot of customers, know my faculties in Marketing, that is to say that he should are organised and coordinated a sale and a market. I believe that those who will entrust me they will be denied for how many objectively and honnestly I will manage and develop their motionless fortune, as it became and it becomes in the sector of Safeties, up to today.


My Objectives

  1. 1.In the correct diagnoses for the needs of my customers as for their motionless fortune.
    2.In the objective and orthodoxe way, approach of my customers.
    3.In the Methods and alternative solution that it should I have, in the closure [agoropolision].
    4.In control of real estates, to the all directions, Purchaser and Salesman.
    5.I star each year, Pan-Hellenic in the sales of real estates.


My Education

I am holder of all degrees of Libra and Universities Hartford of Connecticut, as The Held Management Development Programmers, Series (1), (2), (3).



My Experience

From 1975 until 1981 I worked as employee of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization of also NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY and afterwards big decision I dealt absolutely with the sales. From January 1981 until March 2008 I was, Director of Subsidiary company in Big Financing Group ING. Going up in the hierarchy of sales, from Actuarial Adviser until the maximum rank of Agency Manager, having under my management, until my retirement, the Prefecture Fthiotida, Etoloakarnania, Evrytania and Magnesia. For that period of time interval I conquered and maintained for 20 I contracted years first-lead in the piece of Management and sales of safeties of Life.


My Dexterities

  1. My Faculties, in the Co-ordination of sales.
  2. My Faculties in the Planning of also Organisation of sales.
  3. My courage, in the decisions.
  4. My Sharpness, in the handling of arguments.
  5. My Attendances in seminars, so that exists recent briefing.
  6. The equitable choice of my collaborators.
  7. The possibility of daily research of purchase by the all sources.
  8. The knowledge of Market, for discovery of candidate Customers, because experience of many years  this.



Real Estate Promotion

Akis Oikonomou
Plateia Eleftherias 12
35100, Lamia Greece

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